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Customer Testimonials

Testimonial by Judy Alexander
Here's another order from a super satisfied repeat customer.
Testimonial by Ron Crawford
Great Product !! My wife thanks you, for the lack of stink in the truck... My truck thanks you, for the lack of sweaty, stinky me left in the truck... And I thank you for the quality, comfy cover for my seat !!! Have a great day and keep it up !!!
Testimonial by Annie Reese
Received a seatshield as a gift. Love it!!
Testimonial by Raphael Diaz
I originally found your company by websearch but have 2 allsport covers now and am totally satisfied. Just want 2 more for our second car.
Testimonial by Steve Koerner
I love the first one I bought - I'm ordering another for my wife's car.
Testimonial by Larry Collins
I have ordered at least 6 of these so far. They are AWESOME !!
Testimonial by Dennis Cox
I used my UltraSport seat cover this morning after swimming and it worked perfectly. Thank you for a great product.
Testimonial by Teri Moreno
I bought a SeatShield years ago at a race expo and it has been fantastic! I haven't raced in a while to replace it, so I am so glad I picked up Runners World and saw your ad! The other one is pretty "run hard and put away wet". :-)
Testimonial by Randy Thornton
Bought a pair of beige ones about 6 years ago. LOVE THEM. Got a new car and need a new Black set. THANK YOU for a wonderful product.
Testimonial by Tristan Nicholas
I love my cover so much I'm getting one for a friend.
Testimonial by TIN @ TexasKayakFisherman
What to do when getting back from fishing? I just discovered waterproof SeatShields. They slip on over the headrests and cover the back of the seat, the seat itself and hang some down from there to protect from wet legs. It takes but a moment to install and they come off just as easily. They're comfortable. The waterproof section is in the middle and sandwiches with a microfiber that can be washed. They're great.
Testimonial by Mike G.
I received my seat shield covers yesterday. Thank you! They are just what I needed. I had ordered "sport seat covers" from another company and they s**k. They are like sitting on a nylon tent. Your product is 100% better.
Testimonial by Suzanne Klarer
So far I'm very pleased with the elitesport seat cover.......yeah!! :)
Testimonial by Gail Lineback
My husband loves the seat cover so much, he wants a extra one.
Testimonial by Indianapolis Greg
I have the SeatShield EliteSport (actually 2 of them) and I cannot recommend them enough. I use them for running and I use them after going out in my boat. Super lightweight and easy to toss in the trunk. Easy to put on - comfy and they work like you would not believe. MUCH better than a towel - your seat will not get wet.
Testimonial by Andrea Mandel
I'm buying your product because I have a cyclist friend who raves about your seat covers.
Testimonial by Kimberly Sambdman
Already own one Seat Shield. This one is for my dog. :-)
Testimonial by Asako Shimazu
I am really happy about getting EliteSport seat covers. I live in Hawaii and train year around so protecting car seats from post workout sweat, salt from the ocean, dirt, etc. has always been an issue. I have been using towels but these seat covers are much easier to use. I recommended your covers to my friends.
Testimonial by Wolfgang Scholl
I've been using my SeatShield 1-2 times per week for several years. I am 100% satisfied with the performance of the product.
Testimonial by John Waltz
Great product. I bought my first one about 4 years ago.
Testimonial by Michelle Weigel
Absolutely LOVE these covers -- thanks to you, the whole running family now owns them -- thanks!
Testimonial by Trail Snails
It has been approx 2-3 weeks since "the gang" received their Logo'd NCR Snail seat covers. Not one negative peep out of 33 people... that is amazing! It is a strong tribute to the quality and usefullness of your covers.
Without doubt word is spreading among our running club, those who missed out are asking when will be ordering again. Those who ordered just one now want another for a second car, a different color or for a family member.
Truly a great response from our "SWEATY" gang..........for your GREAT product.

Trail Snails Website
Testimonial by Dale Johnson
I bought two of your EliteSport covers. I think it has been 5 or 6 years ago. I still have the one in my car and my friend still has the other one. They work great!! Great product. Wish I had thought of it.
Testimonial by William Halaby
Rogue, I received my two sets of covers, they are spectacular and do the job you say they will. I sweat a lot, and this will keep my wife's car dry.
Testimonial by Michael Payton
Great Product! I Love It!
Testimonial by Valerie Plyler
Bought two already. Now I want two more. Great for jumping in my car after running.
Testimonial by Douglas Bean
Purchased before... ordering 2 more... best seat covers ever.
Testimonial by Brian Farrell
I ordered the ultrashield about 3 months ago and have found it to be very functional and more comfortable than a towel; smells better too.
Testimonial by Kendra Harrell
I found you originally from online research -- this is my 2nd purchase of SeatShields.
Testimonial by Richard Stefaniak
I recently sold my 2008 Tundra that I had used your seat covers on since it was new, and they kept the seats looking like the day I bought it - thanks!
Testimonial by Suanne Rieker
I have ordered before. I love these seat covers. This order is for Christmas presents for running friends and family.
Testimonial by Tami Wavrick
Can't wait to get my Seat Shield....the coach of my running group highly recommends these. I believe a few people from our group have already ordered...I am TIRED of sitting on a towel!
Testimonial by William Wharton
This is my second order from you. Great product!
Testimonial by Karen Partlow
I have one from years ago and love it. This is for a friend. They are great!
Testimonial by Sandra Wright
I ordered my Seatshields right before the Great Lakes Relay (GLR) after returning some Cabela's covers that just weren't waterproof or durable enough. GLR is a a 270-mile trail/road running race across Northern Michigan. 10 people run over 3 days, and the 3 chase vehicles become our homes for 14 hours per day, transporting our sweaty, muddy and dusty bodies to each exchange point. We found the Seatshields to be perfect for protecting our new Jeep's seats. They were also handy as blankets for cold, soaked runners and pillows for napping between runs. I was truly amazed that the Seatshields still don't smell after the race. I only wish our running clothes had fared so well! You'll probably be selling a few more sets to people on our team soon. We especially liked how soft they felt on our tired bodies. Thanks for an awesome product!
Testimonial by Kimberly Bennett
repeat order-been using your covers for years and just got a new car.
Testimonial by Angie Long
Thanks for the prompt service -- I appreciate it and I really like the seat cover, it works great!
Testimonial by June Plain
I received the exchanged items and want to thank you for your awesome customer service! Thank you! Aloha.
Testimonial by Bob Risser
Eighteen months ago I bought a Seatshield and was so pleased with it that I recommended that our running club, Blue Springs Runners (MO),use them as awards for completing our Winter Series.
Testimonial by Verne Tisdale
I'm really enjoying my EliteSport SeatShield. I must admit I was a bit skeptical but it has exceded my expectation. I will be recommending this product to other people.
Testimonial by Lyn Weiland
I liked the first one so much, as did my husband, that we're getting one for his truck. Thanks, great product.
Testimonial by Deborah Lander
After I received one, I suggested your product to my customers via my newsletter last year and again this year.
Testimonial by Will Walsh
After about ten years of constant use (including weekly launderings), my SeatShield remains fully functional and comfortable. It's like sitting on breathable chamois. The color has not faded, and the fabric shows no signs of wear. Fantastic.
Testimonial by Scott Hrabar
Thank you. I have the UltraSport and I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!
Testimonial by Howard Mellon
I am a Coach with the Leukemia Foundation Team in Training group and I'm recommending your seatshield after I purchased one. (these 2 are gifts for the mentors that are working with folks getting ready for fall marathons)
Testimonial by Fred Miner
My wife bought an UltraSport six years ago. Still has it. Still happy with it.
Testimonial by Kelly Cantrell
I have 2 for my car and love them. Getting these for my fisherman husband's truck.
Testimonial by Suzy Schumacher
I LOVE the UltraSport cover and gave 3 away as gifts and everyone loved it as well. Thank you for the great customer service!
Testimonial by Grady Johnson
I saw your advertisement in Fitness Runner magazine and it prompted me to come to your website. I ordered an All Sport Seat Shield thru Jeff Galloway's website about 9 months ago. The product has performed better than I expected, I am very pleased with it. I use it 3 days a week after pumping iron at the gym and on Saturdays after mountain biking with a Camel Back leaves my back very wet and me possibly muddy. It is easy to store, easy to slip on the seat, dries fast, washes up nicely, and keeps my car seat dry, just as advertised. I have recommended them to my friends. One of my best purchases. Just wanted to say Thanks,
Testimonial by Suzy Besnia
I love my seat sheild.
Testimonial by Douglas Stewart
Bought my Wife a set for a gift, they have worked so well I'm getting a set for my daughter and my new son-in-law.
Testimonial by Judith Payne
I bought an EliteSport to try it out and it is wonderful -- for keeping dog hair (and wet dogs) off my seats. WONDERFUL! Here's an order for 3 more.
Testimonial by Andrew Singer
Thanks so much, the seat shields are great. I have a bunch of friends that have commented on them and I've directed them to your web site.
Testimonial by Lisa Murray Swire
My Dad loved the one I got him for his b-day. I'm getting him a second one for Christmas. Thanks for a great product.
Testimonial by Helga Tronrud
Thank you for an awesome and durable product ! That is why you have happy repeat customers. My husband and I are runners.
Testimonial by Thom Parker
I have the EliteSport in my x-terra and they are perfect! Thanks again.
Testimonial by Mark Sumner
I like the Ultra Seat Shield so much I'm buying one for a friend. Great product!
Testimonial by Scott Milne
I'm ordering another one of your covers - I lost mine when my car was stolen! :-(
Testimonial by Rob Frimmel
Thank you for the prompt delivery. The SeatShields are great! I'll pass the word on to other runners in the area who definitely need this product.

Sweat is the #1 enemy of cloth and leather seats.

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