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Press Reviews

Press Review by Fitness Plus Gear Reports
Keep your seats clean from sweat and grime with the SeatShield. You're sweaty after a hard workout, maybe even muddy or sandy. Now you can slip the SeatShield onto your seat and drive home, knowing your seat's protected.

Fitness Plus Website
Press Review by USA Triathlon Life - Fall 2009
"The most practical product I've ever tested. The cover is quite comfortable, breathable and I didn't feel like I was sitting in my own sweat, and it kept my real car seat dry," according to our tester Marc, a Florida resident who used to cover his car seat with a towel after a workout.
Press Review by Fitness Runner Magazine
If you routinely take the car to get to your favorite running trails you know what it's like to climb into the car soaking wet after a workout. The Waterproof SeatShield is a major upgrade from using a beach towel to protect the upholstery and it takes only a minimal investment. The material also resists odors and can be left in the car between workout, and tossed in the washing machine when the time comes to clean it.
Press Review by Atlanta Sports & Fitness
No Sweat.
Fact: Breaking a sweat is good for your heart, but not for your car. Fact: You don't have to worry about that anymore. The Waterproof SeatShield is a new, innovative seat cover that's waterproof, odor-resistant and non-absorbent, so you can jump in the car sweaty and climb out worry-free.
Press Review by The Courier-Journal
You love your car. You also love running, hiking, cycling, kayaking and tennis. But they make you sweat. The SeatShield uses a simple design that allows it to go on quickly, stay in place while you drive, and then comes off instantly when you're done.
Press Review by Kentuckyian Healthfitness
The SeatShield shields your car seats from moisture. It protects your car seats from all the odors associated with an active lifestyle, but it also can be thrown in the washer when it gets dirty.
Press Review by Florida Sports Magazine
A Waterproof SeatShield is the perfect way to protect your car seat after sports, exercise and outdoor activities.

Florida Sports Website
Press Review by Social Jane
I'm a runner, and a runner in Atlanta where it gets very hot. I rely on Seat Shield to protect my car's leather seats, and it works wonderfully. I especially like the fact that it is built from a special order-resistant fabric and slips on and off in seconds. Convenient and effective!" -- Janice Kupferer, Founder of Social Jane

Social Jane Website
Press Review by TriGearReview
In short, I think the UltraSport cover is an outstanding product at an outstanding price. It looks good, goes on in seconds, keeps the seat completely dry, is thin enough to fold up and store anywhere in your car and doesn't have to be washed after every use.

Rating: Performance 4 Gears, Value 5 Gears

Press Review by Wilton Bulletin
Recently I came across a product that's a godsend for runners who, like me, either like to run in the rain or sweat like a racehorse when summer arrives. It's called the SeatShield, and it's so simple its amazing no thought of it before. What sets the SeatShield apart is it's construction. It's made of multi-layers of materials that are absorbent on top but waterproof underneath, so the moisture is absorbed from your body but never makes it to the car seat. It may be one of the best investments you can make to keep your car's seats dry and smelling new instead of like a locker room.
Press Review by Inside Texas Running Magazine
Simply put, this is the best seat cover we've tried. The ITR Review Crew tested the UltraSport SeatShield and recommends it for anyone who wants to keep their vehicle looking, and smelling, nice. The knitted cloth top surface wicks moisture away from you where it can evaporate. The knitted cloth provides a very comfortable feel much like a vehicle's cloth seats, with no plastic feeling that many other seat covers have. The other layers provide protection for your seats.

Inside Texas Running Website
Press Review by Salt City Striders
Summer is HOT! When you run, you sweat, and sweat, and sweat some more. When you are done with your 2 hour long hot run you spend 2 minutes stretching and then get in your car, immediately turning the air conditioner on full blast because you are sweating up a storm and need to get cool as soon as possible. If you are lucky you remember to throw a towel under your bottom before you sit down, and if not, oh well, you're too hot to worry about it. Unfortunately, when you get in your car the next morning you are hit full force with a stench that smells like - well - like a stinky, sweaty runner and it is yukky! The solution is simple. It is called the SeatShield. It is waterproof so your seats are protected and you can sit down dripping wet. I use them and highly recommend them. They are about a million times better that the towels I used to use. They also make wonderful birthday or Christmas presents. It is best to get together with friends and order 3 or 4 or more to save on shipping costs.

Salt City Striders Website
Press Review by Wingfoot - October, 2005
Rogue River Sports has produced the patented SeatShield, a car seat cover that's lightweight, fits almost any type of seat, and keeps you dry and comfortable, even after your hottest and longest workout.

Atlanta Track Club Website
Press Review by Running Times
One of the unfortunate realities of running are sweaty post-run clothes. To protect your car, the Waterproof SeatShield easily slips onto your seat.

Running Times Magazine
Press Review by Chicago Athlete Magazine
How many times have you sat your perspiration-soaked body in your car, either directly on the seat or on a towel? You would be swimming in sweat, possibly damaging your car seats and leaving a bit of odor as well. Rogue River Sports has solved this problem with an easy-to-use product called SeatShield. I waited until a day when the himidity was over 90% to test the sample Rogue River Sports provided to us. After a 45 minute run, I was drenched and went straight to my car. The SeatShield was unfolded and securely covering the seat in seconds. I sat down and knew instantly that my days of sitting on towels were over. The comfortable new fabric went to work right away, allowing me to not feel as if I were in a sauna on wheels. Because it doesn't stay wet very long, bacteria don't form and the SeatShield remains odor-free. So does your car!

Chicago Athlete Website
Press Review by Greater Rochester Track Club
Do your car seats smell like a wet puppy dog after you drive home from a summer run? There's a more elegant solution than sitting on a towel. Rogue River makes a neat and affordable waterproof seat cover that can be put on and taken off in seconds. Rick and I used the SeatShield on our six-day journey so we know it works (and it's machine washable).

GRTC Website
Press Review by Run Richmond Gear Review
This is a quality piece of gear that the Gnome seriously likes. Everyone that exercises and then drives should order one, you won't be disappointed.
Press Review by Triathlete Magazine
Why mess with clumsy towels to protect your car's seats from chlorine or sweat after you swim, bike or run? Instead try out Rogue River's Waterproof SeatShield, a fitted seat cover that features a microfiber top layer that wicks away moisture, and a waterproof and breathable middle layer that protects your car seat's fabric.

Triathlete Website

Sweat is the #1 enemy of cloth and leather seats.

find out why ...

Press Reviews
SeatShields are a million times better than the towels I used to use....    [More]
Salt City Striders
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Great product!...    [More]
William Wharton
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